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Debi Velasco

Debi Velasco

I first saw Hawaiian dance (hula) in the late seventies. I loved the variety of dances that the girls did and how graceful they were. I never dreamed I would be dancing with them but one time I saw them dancing while sitting on the floor and that was it! If you can sit and dance, I want to try it!

I never looked back. I had lessons from many different teachers over the years, drawing from each of them the part of the dance that most suited my personality. My late husband and I produced a polynesian floor show in the DC area for almost 40 years. I developed a great love of entertaining!

Nowadays, I teach hula and lei making in the community and also at various ukulele and polynesian events.​ I choreograph my own dances and make my own costumes and adornments.. While I appreciate the beauty and grace of the hula, I dance it because it make me smile from the inside out.